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1960 MkF Tourer

In late 1958 Sharp's decided to completely update the Minicar range and announced three new models based on the highly regarded modern appearance of the, otherwise rather unsuccessful, Mk E's larger bodyshell. Firstly a three-seat Tourer (See left and left below), secondly a four-seat Family Saloon (see brochure below), with the by now standard sideways facing child seats in the rear and finally a three-seat Saloon/Coupé. Additionally, due to demand, the 
Mk D Family Saloon remained inproduction unchanged.However Sharp's had certainly recognised the Mk E's shortcomings and if the Mk E was under-powered using the 197cc Villiers Mk 9E engine, then the even heavier 
 Mk F models would certainly require more power. This was achieved by using the 246cc Villiers Mk31A engine, giving the Mk F a respectable 55 mph top speed. Another major improvement was the fitting of the SIBA Dynastart unit as standard, although reverse was still optional. The new model was an immediate success and by April 1959 production at Sharp's had reached almost 100 Minicars per week.

An additional model was added to the range in 1960 as Sharp's decided to re-enter the light commercial market

MkF Minicar Sales brochure

1959 MkF Tourer interior

with a new vehicle, the Mk F Ranger van (see below). In fact two models were offered - the Ranger, using the same body as the four-seat Family model, but with only two front seats to allow maximum load space. The other model was identical save for having only a drivers seat - apparently by law the latter vehicle could be legally driven by an unaccompanied learner driver on a motorcycle licence - i.e. effectively allowing a 16 year old to drive it!

In order to reinforce the potential of the Minicar has a realistic economical alternative to a more conventional vehicle, Sharp's arranged for a timed endurance run from Land's End to John-o-Groats in March of 1959. This was achieved in 23 hours and 40 minutes with an overall recorded fuel consumption of 60 mpg. As with many such events, both official and unofficial, a full account appeared in the company's quarterly in-house journal - The Bond Magazine. This journal, a copy of which from September 1960 is illustrated on the right, also contained news of developments to the current Bond models and of modifications available to update and improve older vehicles. Also included were tips for home service and repair of Bond vehicles, as well as adverts for a wide range of accessories and "bolt-on goodies" available for Minicars, from the The Bond Magazine, Sept 1960
factory and other suppliers. Not to forget of course that the Bond Magazine also contained news from the network of Bond Minicar Owners Clubs which had grown up throughout the country.
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